Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Living Room Toy Storage


Now that baby J has had his first birthday he's been slowly building up a nice collection of toys and books. Last week I noticed that they were starting to take over the living room!

I wanted to find some storage that wouldn't take up too much room but that would hold a lot of Baby J's favourite things, keeping the room tidy.

Lots of his toys are in his bedroom, but I like to keep some things downstairs to entertain him.

I went online to have a look for something suitable. I wanted a shelving unit with boxes or baskets to put the toys in so that they wouldn't look messy once they had been put away.
I found a 4 cube shelf unit on the Argos website that I thought would be perfect. We reserved one at our local store and picked it up that day. It was easy to put together and is great for Baby J's toys.

The unit fits nicely in the corner of our room and I bought a set of three canvas boxes to put on the shelves at the same time. They are currently on an offer which meant the whole unit and three boxes came to less than £29!

I chose blue boxes for J but there are other colours available. You can also get different coloured cube shelf units. We went for white. Find them here.

There are bigger units with 6 cubes, or smaller with 2 - lots of choice making it easier to find one that suits your room!

I'm happy with my latest buy :-) How do you store your little one's toys?

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