Monday, 27 February 2017

Morning time Motivation

Over the last few months I've struggled to get myself up and motivated some mornings. I'm so lucky to stay home with J Monday-Friday and just work Sundays and one evening a week... but some mornings I find it harder to get up than I did when I worked full time.

J has always been a brilliant sleeper but now at almost 17 months old he's not so great. He often wakes in the night for dummies and has done for a while, but more recently we cant seem to settle him back and he ends up in our bed with me & my husband.

He seems to be a super light sleeper. If I go for a wee at night it seems to wake him without fail, even though I'm as quiet as possible and don't flush the chain til the morning (sorry too much info). Just the sound of me creeping past his room gets him awake almost every time!

This makes it harder to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I think it's also because I'm just going downstairs to sit around. I think I need to be busy all of the time. I find it hard to get dressed and do make up when I'm not going anywhere in particular.

This morning the weather was awful and we were staying in, then I realised right, I know what's wrong here! ...I need a purpose for today.

Of course my main purpose was to look after J, which I LOVE :-) but I needed something extra to do. Sitting around at home for too long seems bad for gets me in a bad mood!

So I made my aim for today to get the kitchen/dining room tidy. Nothing too exciting, but something to aim for. I also had to go out and get some food shopping with J from Asda this afternoon, so that was on the list too.

It was a realistic aim and I managed to achieve it! I knew that there was no way the living room would look tidy. That's where most of the downstairs toys are so we have that as our day time play room, but my kitchen is looking 90% perfect :-)

It's lovely to take J out on walks and to classes but the cost of groups adds up and the weather isn't great for walks or the park at the moment. So I've decided to give myself a little aim like this every day. I'm no good without some sort of routine!

Do you feel like me? How do you fill your week with your little ones? I'd love any tips xxx

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